My Irish Information

Some family tree websites divine Condon as of Irish decent, like O'neil, Murphy or O'Hara. I tend to agree, there are the extremely educated who can draw the family's raised forehead to Norway and Scandinavia but i'm afraid most of skull analysis and bone texture moves the goal posts from family chosen, given or altered name to blood type, bone mass and genome indexing.
With UK withdrawing from the EU at present i'd like to illustrate how quiet the northern and southern Ireland divide has been. As a lad the Brighton and Canary Wharf bombings turn my memory banks over,then along came Tony Blair and in my late twenties early thirties the divide was almost forgotten. My Grandads anger at a family friend for a Marrying Northern Irish troublemaker telltale long forgotten, but its a memory i can dwell upon. Many times i've thought what they're fighting over, sovereignty &, independence , but what interests me as much is those people with whom the opinion is to flare a given chain of thought from reality or they're take on reality to the outlandish, biblical and obtuse.
If a northern Irish wants to preach sovereignty and feudality within a monarchic system, I'll listen, If a Southern Irish wishes to explain invasion, i'm happy to listen. Those whom wish to cloud the territorial issue with that of ecumenical i'll listen only as long as they withhold from telling piousness can only be provenance for one of them.
I'd go to Dublin tomorrow & have a beer with Dick Massey at the Marker, Chew the fat about Bristol & even help pass abakebabra keeping to only chilli sauce no mayo, just please don't ask me who is right!